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North Texas' Ranching Opportunities: Could going organic fuel your bottom line?

The rise of the organic market is more than a fleeting trend. According to the latest figures from the Organic Trade Association (OTA), sales of organic food grew in 2023 to a record $67.6 billion (up from 2022’s record), and much of this boom was fueled by increased demand for organic poultry and meats.

So what does it mean for food to be organic? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently published a new rule to amend organic livestock and poultry production standards. These changes, outlined in this article, are designed to “clarify aspects of the existing USDA organic regulations that are not interpreted or enforced in a consistent manner” and to “better assure consumers that organic livestock products meet a consistent standard, as intended by the Organic Foods Production Act.”

The final rule establishes living conditions standards for mammals (including, oddly enough, honeybees) and avian species. The rule goes into effect January 2, 2025. If you are seeking to move your farm or ranch to be certified organic you will be required to comply with these new regulations (and other existing regulations).

The growth in the organic market and these newly defined standards by the USDA underline the importance of sourcing the right property to tap into this burgeoning sector. The right agent brings an in-depth understanding of your needs and the local North Texas land market, helping you purchase properties that optimally cater to your livestock, terrain, sunlight, vegetation, and soil type requirements. As your experienced North Texas land & ranch real estate agent I can help you understand how to maximize your investment.


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