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Driving Growth in the Greater Fort Worth Area: A Look at Denton, Parker, and Johnson Counties

Fort Worth and the surrounding areas have seen significant growth in recent years, with Denton, Parker, and Johnson counties greatly benefitting from Fort Worth’s growth. Each of these counties has unique factors driving their growth, from economic expansion to increased quality of life. Today we’re looking at what makes each of these counties a prime area for development and investment, with a focus on our specialty - the land market. 

Aerial view of pasture with distribution center in background

Denton County: A Hub of Education and Innovation

Denton County's growth can largely be attributed to its strong education infrastructure, economic opportunities, and innovative spirit.

  • Education Hub: Home to the University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University, Denton County attracts a young, educated population. This influx of students and graduates brings a vibrant atmosphere and demand for housing, retail, and services.

  • Economic Growth: The robust job market is fueled by diverse industries, including education, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing.

  • Location & Connectivity: Its strategic location along I-35 offers convenient access to both Dallas and Fort Worth, further making it a desirable place for businesses and residents alike. I-35E and I-35W merge just south of Denton and the area is also home to three large lakes - Lewisville, and portions of Grapevine Lake and Lake Ray Roberts. 

  • Land Market: The land market in Denton County is relatively healthy, with 20 active properties, 10 under contract, and 8 closings in the last year. The average sales price per acre is $39,430, and properties sell in an average of six months.

Parker County: A Blend of Rural Charm and Urban Accessibility

Parker County uniquely blends a rural lifestyle with proximity to the amenities of the Fort Worth metroplex. The growing Walsh Ranch subdivision and surrounding areas will provide a nice “bridge” between Weatherford and Fort Worth. 

  • Lifestyle Appeal: Known for its rolling hills, horse properties, and vibrant small towns like Weatherford, Parker County draws those seeking a peaceful rural lifestyle without sacrificing convenience.

  • Infrastructure & Development: With recent investments in infrastructure and highway expansion, Parker County has become more accessible, spurring residential and commercial development.

  • Economic Potential: The growing population has attracted retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, creating job opportunities and fostering a healthy economy. The county seat, Weatherford, recently completed the Ric Williamson Memorial Parkway which provides a loop around the city. 

  • Land Market: Parker County appears to be a buyer's market, with 28 active properties, 6 under contract, and 16 closings in the last year. The average sales price per acre is $30,535, and properties sell in an average of slightly less than six months.

Johnson County: Affordable Living and Strategic Expansion

Johnson County offers affordable living, strategic location, and expanding amenities that contribute to its growth. Johnson County is growing from the north (Burleson, Joshua) to the south (Grandview, Rio Vista) with large ranches in the southwest portion of the county. Growth in the western portion of the county has been enabled by the completion of the Chisholm Trail Parkway. 

  • Affordability: Compared to neighboring counties, Johnson County boasts relatively affordable real estate prices, making it attractive to families and individuals looking to purchase homes with access to good schools. 

  • Transportation & Industry: Located along key transportation corridors like I-35W, Johnson County has attracted manufacturing and logistics companies, contributing to its economic expansion.

  • Community Growth: New residential communities, shopping centers, and schools are being developed to meet the demands of a growing population, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

  • Land Market: In Johnson County, it's currently a buyer's market, with 34 active properties, 6 under contract, and 11 closings in the last year. The average sales price per acre is $14,549, and properties sell in an average of seven months.


The Fort Worth area's growth is marked by the development of its surrounding counties. Denton, Parker, and Johnson counties each offer distinct advantages and opportunities, from education and innovation to lifestyle and affordability. The land market for properties over 50 acres in these counties reflects their economic and development dynamics, providing opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.


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